Upcoming March & April shows

Just a quick update to let you know where I'll be in March and April:

-March 20th I'm at Crossroads Bar in Ypsilanti, MI as part of the Heavy Flow Comedy Show.

-March 27th I'm on my favorite comedy/game show: Fill In Her Blank in Fort Wayne, IN. Here's their fan page and the Facebook event.

-April 3rd I'm at Piggy's in Angola, IN with the amazing DJ Dangler. He's one of my favorites and I'm glad he's back from LA and making a run throughout the midwest!

-April 16th I'm part of #Hashtag Comedy Showcase's debut at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. It's the first time the show's been at the Ann Arbor club and the lineup is nuts: Brad Wenzel has appeared at Just for Laughs. Josh Adams has been on BET at the Apollo. Sam Rager's graced the stage of the Comedy Cellar in New York, and I'm the person whose website you're on. Tickets are already on sale!

-April 17th I'm featuring at Laughs at the Patch at the Cabbage Patch Saloon in Grosse Point Park MI alongside the very talented Zach Martina!

Come to the shows, let's laugh a bunch, drink some beers, and eat pizza. (The first part is the most important.)

On stage at The Comedy Attic

My short tour with Mat Alano-Martin was one of the best experiences of my life. Every room and audience came with its own challenges and rewards. I learned a bunch and, most importantly, had an amazing time. I sincerely could not be more thankful to Mat, the people I met along the way, and the folks who came out to shows!

I've updated the Stage Shots & Show Posters gallery with some of our stops, but wanted to highlight one in particular. The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN is my happiest place on Earth. Bar none. Some of my all time favorite memories and experiences come from the people at that club and in that scene. When we made a stop there last week, Nina of Karetova Photography was there to shoot the show and was kind enough to share these pictures of me on stage. Check out her work below and then head on over to her website so you can throw money at her in return for more amazing images like these!

Green Gravel + Mini Tour!

I'm really excited to announce that I'll be performing at the Green Gravel Comedy Festival in Iowa City! They just released the full lineup and it's nuts. Some of the smartest, most original comics from all over the country are performing and I'm thrilled to be included.

Even more exciting is that Green Gravel begins an eight day run with my buddy Mat Alano-Martin.  I'm really pumped he's decided to take me out with him for some ridiculous shows. Check out the dates/links below and come out and see us!

2/27/15 – 2/28/15 – Green Gravel Comedy Festival – Iowa City, IA
3/1/15 – The Rigby – Madison, WI
3/2/15 – GMan Tavern – Best Night Ever - Chicago, IL
3/3/15 – Rockit Burger Bar – HooHa Comedy - Chicago, IL
3/4/15 – The Latch – Fort Wayne, IN
3/5/15 – The Comedy Attic – Bloomington, IN
3/6/15 – Hambone’s – Pittsburgh, PA
3/7/15 – Arcade Comedy Theater – Pittsburgh, PA

2014 Christmas Photo Madness

It's that magic time of year where the internet rallies around my funny, weird holiday photo, causing it to go viral and subsequently embarrass my mom. We had an amazing reaction to 2013's, so I was definitely worried about topping it this year.

Not only did we top it, but we blew it out of the water. I'm so thrilled with the image we created and the response has been mind-blowing. Before I get into specifics I have to thank some folks. This photo would’ve been nothing more than a dumb idea scribbled in a notebook if it were not for the unending work, motivation, and vast talents of my filmmaking friends Daniel SkubalWilliam Cabral, and Wes Cummins. These guys are seriously amazing. Go watch their stuff, hire them to work on your stuff, and never regret anything else in your life. Additionally the amazing Santa portrait was done by illustrator Veronica LaPage of LaPage Studios. Beyond her amazing commercial work, she’s constantly posting really cool designs and sketches on her page that even warm my dark, cynical heart when they show up in my feed. Definitely another person to like and hire!

This team is far more than crew or collaborators—this is as much their image as it is mine!

In the end, we topped r/Funny and peaked at #2 overall on Reddit, which is our main content aggregator for distribution. While the images spread to several websites, we received write ups from some bigger US sites including Ashton Kutcher's, Elite Daily, and Mental_Floss, while Stern in Germany also ran the images for a second time.

Turning to numbers, last year we did roughly 1.2 million hits, and our goal this year was 1.5. I honestly wasn't sure we'd hit it because the internet is insanely fickle. After a week of being online, this year's card did just over 3.3 million hits, which is mind boggling to me. To put it in perspective, more people saw my image in a week than visited MoMA in the entire 2011 season. All told at this point, just where I host the images, the entire series has a cumulative count of over 34 million views. 

I'm eternally grateful to all the people who donate so much time, effort, and energy to this little project that started from a random email back in 2008, but I'm most thankful that I have a year to figure out how we're going to top this:

New clip, new photos, new shows, and new site!

Hey gang! It's been awhile, but I was waiting for a ton of new content before I posted.

-First off I've got new headshots, which look amazing thanks to Manchester Lane Photography and the fact that I no longer eat solid food.

-Secondly there's a brand new video clip of me performing at a sold-out theater show for over 200 people! It was an insanely fun time and all went towards firefighter charities. 

-Thirdly there's a brand new website! All this new content had to live somewhere and I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's mobile friendly and will be much easier to update in the future.

-Finally I've got some shows coming up! December 3rd I'm part of the Hashtag Comedy Showcase in Wyandotte, MI (see below.) And December 17th I'm headlining the Laughs @ The Latch showcase in Fort Wayne, IN.

Check back for more new stuff, including the upcoming 2014 Christmas card!


Heading home with my OMGBFFs

These two handsome, successful comics and I have been trying to find the time to do a weekend run together forever. So excited that it's happening back in my hometown at the end of January!


Christmas Time and the Internet loves me for 90 seconds

A cross post from promise a full update by the end of the week. It's been nuts.

It's been an insane afternoon. I put up the new Christmas card and hit #1 on all of Reddit. Also there's a full run on Buzzfeed.  

I could not have gotten this photo done without the amazing help of Will Cabral and Wes Cummins. I had an idea and these guys jumped in and took it to the entirely next level. They were more than crew and more than collaborators—this is as much their image as it is mine. In addition, it could not have happened without Ben Konowitz. I pitched him over text message and he was immediately on board, supporting us 100% of the way, in front of the camera in the red hat, and behind the camera getting our amazing extras and location. Ben is also a comic and owns part of the Drop Comedy Club. You should check them out. (I'm there 1/31-2/1.)


If you want to get one in the mail, shoot me your address:

I'm still sort of shaking. This has been so much fun and I'm really glad people dig the shot!

Baby, I'm sorry!

Apologies for being off the grid so long! Between the day job, moving, and photo projects (which you can see over on I've been crazy busy. I'll just throw a few shows at you and get out of here, in case you're still mad at me:

Dec 3rd I'm at Two Buck Yucks in Toledo, which you can read about in this Toledo Free Press article.

Dec 7th I'm telling jokes during a couple Christmas movies for 2 shows at the Drop Comedy Club in South Bend, IN. (See Below)

And 1/31-2/1 I'm back at the Drop for an entire weekend with my amazing, far more talented friends Jon Hancuff and Mat Alano-Martin!




Wingate, IN


About 6 months back I booked this show at a bar in Wingate, IN. It's a pretty small town, but I'd heard the venue was good and the booker had been doing some pretty big DIY shows. The show was last weekend and turned out to be a pretty damn good time. Everybody from the older couples on date night, to the bartenders, to the Harley chapter, seemed to enjoy my delightful blend of shit. So go like the booker's page on Facebook and catch one of Neil's shows. You can check out some pictures and press from the show here.


Limestone Comedy Festival 2013


I am ecstatic to announce that I was chosen to perform at this year's Limestone Comedy Festival! Only a handful of comics from all over the country were chosen to feature for headliners like Tig Notaro, Pete Holmes, Doug Benson, and Maria Bamford. I'll be doing 2 shows at the festival with the fantastic Stewart Huff (see below), and then hanging out at other shows and parties. I am flattered and humbled to be a part of the festival, but more than anything I'm ridiculously excited.

So with that said, head on over to the Limestone website and pick up your badge or tickets!



Laughfest 2013!

I'm thrilled and honored to be part of this year's Laughfest! This year they have an amazing group of headliners including Jim Breuer, Garfunkel & Oates, Bill Burr, Joel McHale, and Pete Holmes, just to name a few.

I'll be part of the Semipro showcase at Dr Grins in Grand Rapids on March, 10th! Show starts at 8:15pm! You can find more details here.

going viral with Reddit and imgur

Beyond the comedy/screen work, I like to have fun and stage a Christmas card photo each year. They've evolved from my rowdy college days into a bit more tableau-like with the dark comedy I love. Last night I threw the last 4 years into an imgur gallery and submitted them to Reddit. 


19 hours later I peaked at #3 on r/funny with over 27,000 votes and was #9 overall on Reddit. Bigger than that, each image has over 600,000 views on imgur (and I've used almost half a terabye of their bandwidth--yikes!)


So in the spirit of the holidays, enjoy:

here's the imgur gallery 

here's the reddit thread